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Want to kick some of your clients or freelance work to the curb and replace that income with digital product sales?

In the OneClickMBA membership, you'll get a "Business Best Friend" Marketing & Business Coach to help you scale your digital product revenue with automated sales funnels and reduce your reliance on services or freelance work.


Working with clients daily can be frustrating and lead to burnout

If you're like most service providers or freelancers, you've probably asked yourself lately:

  • How do I fire this bad client without hurting my bank account? 
  • Do I even have the right niche? This client turned down my $800 proposal which I thought I had priced too low, to begin with!?
  • I know I need to add a digital product to my portfolio, but what is the right one? I don't want to spend a ton of time creating something that no one buys. 
  • Where should I focus in my business to move the needle forward? I'm too busy to work on projects that don't produce results. 
  • How can I bring in revenue to my business on autopilot? I can't do another client discovery call that leads to nowhere!

When you're providing a service to clients, it's normal to feel like you have 10+ bosses and that you're working 24x7 and on weekends to meet their deadlines or rush orders.

This causes you to miss out on family or "me" time and does not provide the freedom and flexibility you value and want in your own business. 

Adding a digital product like an online course or membership will help you solve these issues, but that's only one piece of the puzzle. 

It's time to start running your online business like you've hired a Harvard MBA grad to help you.

You know that adding an online course or membership will decrease your reliance on services or freelance work, but that is only part of your business plan. 

It takes an effective marketing strategy to set up a successful online course or membership business on autopilot.

Yes, you need your digital product, like an online course or membership, to sell.  

Yes, you will need an automated (aka evergreen) sales funnel so you can enroll students on autopilot. 

But there are other strategies that you need to focus on to accomplish your business goals. 

This includes things like:

  • Getting visible in the market, so your ideal customer knows you exist. 
  • Solid business systems and processes, so you're not scrambling to find client communication, digital paperwork, or statements for your accountant. 
  • A content marketing strategy to drive organic traffic to your website so you're not entirely dependent on paid ads for your customers to find you.

Are You Ready To...

  • Have an automated marketing system that brings in passive revenue without you lifting a finger?
  • Say no to 1:1 work or let a client go who is (fill in the blank: verbally abusive, underpaying, doesn't respect your time or project scope).
  • Be so visible in your industry that people reach out to you for speaking at summits and guest podcasting?
  • Have a consistent content marketing strategy that walks your ideal customer through the buyer's journey.
  • Have business processes run so smoothly that make you feel like you have three clones working in your business? 

If you're ready to go from relying on 1:1 services or freelance work to selling digital products on automation then...

The OneClick MBA membership is perfect for you!

When you join The OneClick MBA membership, you go from this to...



Completely reliant on services or freelance work to meet your revenue goals

Enrolling students into your online course or membership on autopilot through your evergreen sales funnel without you lifting a finger

Feeling invisible and unknown by your target audience in a crowded marketplace

Getting invited to speak on podcasts, participate in summits, or moderate audio rooms

Unorganized, scattered, and unsure of what steps to take for a business task

Having automated systems in place for all business and marketing activities that save you time and your sanity!

Low organic traffic to your website due to an inconsistent content marketing strategy

Getting new leads on a regular basis from your content marketing efforts and taking your prospects on a buyer's journey so that they're ready to say, "Yes! Take my money!"

Unsure of the right digital product to create to bring in the revenue to replace some of your services or freelance work

Knowing exactly what online course or membership to create that your audience wants and will be ready to buy


Sometimes when you're working on a project, you just have a quick question, like "I'm working on (fill in the blank) and thinking of x, y, or z. What do you think?"

Wouldn't it be great to get valuable advice and feedback from someone who's been there and done that?

When you join the membership, you can think of me as your BBF (business best friend)!


Working on something and have a question? Send Destini a text message during weekly office hours (yes, you'll get her actual number!) or email, and she'll respond back with some valuable guidance based on her 25+ years in business and marketing. This personalized feedback is like having a BBF at your fingertips!


Get access to a private, members only podcast feed that provides actionable tips and coaching on the topic covered for the month for learning on the go so you aren't stuck in front of a computer screen. 


Come to one of our live, bi-monthly co-working / group coaching sessions held in Zoom where you can ask me anything so you can get real-time support for your business. 


Each month, you'll receive a curated box full of digital goodies such as simplified MBA-like bite-sized training, templates, and step-by-step systems to help set up your integrated, automated marketing system so you can convert your ideal customer into buyers. 

Want a Sneak Peek Into What We Cover in The OneClick MBA Membership?

Just in case you're wondering, here's just a sample of what we cover to help you scale your digital product revenue and reduce your reliance on 1:1 services or freelance work (one resource released each month).

The Lean Business Plan

Set your business up for success by creating your lean business plan. This lean and simple business plan with bullet points will be revised monthly so it stays relevant and fresh. 

The Perfect Offer

In order to set your business up for success, you need to have the perfect offer for your ideal customer. Learn how to structure and price your offer so it's easy for your ideal customer to say "yes, take my money!" 

Pitch Toolbox

Ready to go from a fly on the wall to being known in your industry and getting discovered by your ideal customer. 

Content Marketing Bootcamp

Learn how to utilize your content so your ideal customer finds you and you don't waste time on creating content that doesn't align with your business goals.

The Evergreen Machine

Every online business needs an automated sales funnel where they can enroll customers on autopilot. Learn the step-by-step process on how to set up this must-have system in your online business. 

Alicia B. 

"I never felt intimidated by asking a question and Destini has always gone above and beyond with her students. She's a coach and a teacher at heart."

Daniela S. 

"I can confidently recommend Destini to anyone who'd like to develop online courses out of their expertise."

Emily M.

"Destini helped me transition my business to the next level. I needed the community, the support and attention.

This program gave me the heart centered support to bring my business from the startup phase to a thriving healthy business."

Enroll in The OneClick MBA membership today!

Choose the best plan for you...

  • Personalized coaching which is like having a business best friend at your fingertips
  • Private, members only podcast for learning on the go so you aren't stuck at a computer screen
  • Accountability support so you can stay on track
  • Live, bi-monthly co-working / group coaching sessions so you can ask me anything
  • Monthly curated membership box full of goodies to help set up your integrated, automated marketing system so you can convert customers into buyers




(then $997 yearly)



$297 / qtr

(then $297 quarterly)


Enroll today and you'll also
get access to these bonuses...

Course in a Box

You already know that creating an online course can help skyrocket your business and decrease your dependence on freelance or 1:1 client work. 

How would it feel to have a mini course (aka tiny offer or starter course) that you could sell as a tripwire, directly from your website, or even on social media? 

($49 value)

Magic Attraction

Do You Ever Question That You Have the Right Lead Magnet for Your Online Course?

One that attracts action takers and not just freebie seekers?

Do you feel like your current pdf giveaway is just not doing its job in growing your list and finding future students?

Or perhaps you’ve just outgrown your current free offer and need to refresh your list building efforts with a new and updated, worthy of a Facebook ad lead magnet?

It’s important to have a lead magnet that attracts future students.

($97 value)

100% Risk Free Guarantee!


We're confident that you'll find tremendous value in this membership.  

So you feel extra comfortable joining us, we have a 14-day no question asked, no homework required, risk-free guarantee. 

Just email us and we'll be happy to refund your money. 


Hi, I'm Destini!

I'm a college marketing professor turned online entrepreneur and a wanna-be, Serena Williams-like, tennis player.

I'm the voice behind the The Course Creator’s MBA Podcast and the Creator of The OneClick MBA membership.

I won't bore you with my 25+ years of business & marketing Resume including managing an $800M product portfolio which had 50% profit margin or my experience managing a remote team of 1,000+ employees. 

Here's what I want you to know...

  • I only work part-time in my business (hey, I have to keep up my tennis game!), but I work smart and focus only on the revenue generating activities to help me accomplish my goals. 
  • I'm passionate about setting up a recurring revenue online course business with an automated marketing system, where you're not completely reliant on 1:1 or service work. 
  • I currently have close to 5,000 students in my other online programs which have enrolled based on various marketing strategies I've tested over the years. 

And I want to share my systems and secrets with you!

You're a perfect fit if...

  • You either have (or want to create) an online course, digital product, group coaching program, membership, or similar type of product/service that you're interested selling and eventually scaling. 
  • You're willing to test and tweak where needed based on data and know that each step you take will lead you closer to the finish line. 
  • You're willing to put in the work to see results. It will not happen overnight. It will require trusting the process and knowing what you're doing will pay off down the road.
  • You’re willing to commit to consistent, simple actions to grow your business. 

If any of these sounds like you, keep reading, because you’re exactly where you need to be.


"My whole mindset has changed after working with Destini.

I’ve realized how much discipline I need I was originally approaching it from a hobby perspective and I realized that I needed to place more emphasis on making this a viable business."

Ky R. 

"With Destini's help, I grew my email list to over 5,000 subscribers!"


"I was struggling with growing my email list. Now I'm growing my email list 20 new leads a day / 600 per month!"

You may be asking ...

Enroll in The OneClick MBA membership today!

Choose the best plan for you...

  • Personalized coaching which is like having a business best friend at your fingertips
  • Private, members only podcast for learning on the go so you aren't stuck at a computer screen
  • Accountability support so you can stay on track
  • Live, bi-monthly co-working / group coaching sessions so you can ask me anything
  • Monthly curated membership box full of goodies to help set up your integrated, automated marketing system so you can convert customers into buyers




(then $997 yearly)



$297 / qtr

(then $297 quarterly)